DAFF and Gridiron Imports Announce Official Partnership

We are very excited to announce our partnership with Sports Director Lars Carlsen and the Danish American Football Federation (DAFF). We hope that this partnership serves as a model for our future relationships with other coaches, clubs, and federations around Europe. This type of alliance greatly enhances our ability to help the young talented football players of Europe.

The official press release from DAFF is below.

Danish American Football Federation (DAFF) and Gridiron Imports has come together and decided to join forces to get Danish players to US high schools and college – and ultimately to NFL.


On Wednesday, May 10, Lars Carlsen, Athletic Director DAFF, and Björn Werner, co-founder of Gridiron Imports, met in Copenhagen Denmark to work on the details on how Gridiron Imports and DAFF could work together to increase the number of players from Denmark pursuing their dreams of playing college football in the US. Historically, this journey has started most successfully with playing high school football in the US.

In January 2017, Björn Werner reached out to Lars Carlsen after meeting with different football people from around Europe and Scandinavia about Gridiron Imports at the AFCA Coaches Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. The common sentiment amongst all was that Lars Carlsen was the man to talk to about this in Europe because Lars/DAFF was running a similar program focused on helping players get to the US.

Björn Werner and Lars Carlsen met for the first time in February to exchange ideas and information on their programs.  Björn was very impressed with the program Lars Carlsen had set-up for DAFF helping players from Denmark. Lars Carlsen saw potential in joining forces with Björn Werner and Gridiron Imports as their programs were similar and since it was obvious to Lars Carlsen that Björn Werner is doing this for the right reasons. Gridiron Imports is focused on helping players reach their goals of playing college football, unlike some of the people/companies Lars Carlsen has come across over the years who just want to make money off of innocent kids with dreams of playing college football.

Björn Werner, “I’m very excited to work coach Lars Carlsen and DAFF to help with the growth of the game in Denmark by helping more kids reach the US and pursue their dreams of playing college football. Coach Carlsen is already doing a great job creating opportunities for his players and in working together, we can help even more.”

DAFF is hoping that by cooperating with Gridiron Imports the number of players playing college football will increase. Gridiron Imports has shown that it is very effective with finding great and highly affordable private schools for talented and committed football players in Europe.

“ I hope that this will, over time, increase the interest for American football here in Denmark, thus increasing the number of kids playing football in Denmark,” Lars Carlsen said. “We have seen over the past few years a steady rise in the interest from the media in regards to American football in Denmark, especially now as Andreas Knappe has signed with Atlanta Falcons. Hopefully, he will be followed by more players from Denmark in the future. If they can dream the dream, and see that it is possible, and we can provide them with the path.”

Björn Werner hadn’t made it all the way home from Copenhagen before the first players from Denmark were applying to Gridiron Imports


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