Gridiron Imports helped me earn a full scholarship to junior college by sending my highlights all around the country. But that's not all... I always had a helping hand in making key decisions to handle all necessary requirements to attend New Mexico Military Institute. I am truly enjoying my experience thus far, and Gridiron Imports remains available to help me when it's time to go to the next level with their professional advice. I couldn't be more excited about their support.

- Matz Peters (New Mexico Military Institute)

Gridiron Imports did a great job helping me find a spot at The Hill School. After two major injuries, I didn't expect to have another chance, but the guys at Gridiron Imports were always supportive and helped me with everything from finding the boarding school that was interested in me, to filling out all the papers necessary to get there. I am really thankful for the opportunity Gridiron Imports gave me and feel blessed to know I always have someone to help me.

- Simon Krizak (Hill School ➡️ Bucknell University)

Gridiron Imports helped me find one of the best boarding schools in the US. They believed in me, supported me and were always honest with me. I really trusted them to find me a school where I could get looked at by many colleges and it really paid off. After receiving multiple football scholarships from major D1 Football Programs, I chose the University of Virginia. I love how Gridiron Imports does business. They can be a big opportunity for other athletes out there.

- Gerrik Vollmer (Taft School ➡️ University Of Virginia)

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