What we do

Step 1 - Evaluation

We evaluate you based on the information you provide on film and in a short questionnaire. We will then provide feedback for you as a potential prospect, which will include a projection of what your options will be as a member.

Step 2 - Sign Up

We help you create a detailed profile that is available for high school and college coaches in the United States to view on our website. Coaches from various schools will begin to contact you based on their interest in you.

The Gridiron Import team will market you heavily to schools that we see as a good fit and that you are interested in attending. If you are applying to grades 9-12, the list will consist of a combination of private high schools, some of which offer boarding and others which would require you to live with a host family. If you have already completed high school, that list will include Boarding Schools that offer Post Graduate year programs, Junior Colleges, and 4 year Colleges and Universities.

Step 3 - Finalize

We assist you in your application to the schools that show interest in you. We will walk you through the process and advise you in completing all the requirements you will face for each type of academic institution. This includes the process of getting your Visa secured in time for the start of preseason camp!

  • What is a Post Graduate Year?

             What is a Boarding School?       What is a Private school?      

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